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Schulz Compressors

$4,500.00 In-Stock

Schulz 7.5 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor



  • SRP-3008 Compact series

  • 27CFM 

  • 125PSIg

  • 3phase- 208-230/3 volts

  • 60Gallon Horizontal tank

  • Low Noise Level

  • Low discharge temp. around 10^C above the ambient.

  • Low maintenance

  • Safety - Belt gaurd 

  • Highly efficient - performance and design.

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Schulz 7.5 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor - In-Stock

$5,850.00 In-Stock price

10 H.P. Rotary Screw Air Compressor 

Schulz SRP-4019E 208-230/460 Volts 60HZ 8.6 BAR
Free Air @125 PSIG - 35 CFM

Commercial, Industrial Standard



  • TEFC,IP55,degree of protection electric motors;

  • Automatic starters with phase & sequence failure detection;

  • Lubricated air-end;

  • Low maintenance costs;

  • Low oil consumption;

  • Coolers are on the top of the machine,improves heat recovery at customer's facilities;

  • Modern design components;

Photos Courtesy 'Schulz of America Corp.'

$7,900.00  In-Stock price

20 H.P.Rotary ScrewSRP-4020R 


  • 208-230/460 Volts 60HZ/3phase

  • Free Air @125 - 74CFM

  • 60 gallon tank

Main Features:

  • TEFC,IP55 degree of protection electric motors

  • Automatic starters with phase & sequence failure detector

  • Lubricated air-end;

  • Low maintenance costs;

  • Low oil consumption

See attached brochure for more information 

BOGE Rotary Screw

$7,999.00 New 10H.P. Boge-Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Air Dryer package

150PSI/ 36.37 CFM Rating/max 39cfm

Direct Drive, Air Dryer, Prefilter, 120 Gallon Tank 
Premium Industrial Grade, Low Speed, Full Size Design
Industrial Packaging, Premium Efficiency Wye-Delta / Dual Air Receiver, Drain Dual Refrigerated Dryer, 115V, Auto Drain Premium Efficiency Variable Speed Prefilter, Auto Drain

Commercial/Industrial grade, heavy-duty, German made machines.

  • continuous generation of compressed air

  • low energy-costs thanks to highly-efficient operation

  • low noise level

  • Direct Drive, Air Dryer, Prefilter, 120 Gallon Tank 

$6,200.00 New 7.5 H.P. BOGE - Rotary Screw air compressor w/ Air Dryer
Screw Compressor Series C7LDR
125 PSI @ 30 CFM
23V/1phase, 60Hz
base control, Max pressure 8 bar
Dryer system DS35-2 & FF30 pre-filter mounted on 80 gallon tank

Hertz Kompressoren

$11,999.00 40 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor 171 CFM

125 PSI, 230/460 Volt 3 Phase | HBD 30

Hertz Komressoren HBD Series
Heavy Duty, Commercial Compressed Air System

Main Motor Drive System - Belt Pulley System

Quiet and efficient axial fan directly connected to main motor (HBD 4-15) Additional axial fan with temperature control (HBD 15L-37)
Premium 230-460 /3 phase/60Hz, IE3 IP55 electric motors with F Class insulation, Wye-Delta mo
 -1 year factory warranty parts&labor

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