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Preventive Maintenance Programs

20% Off First Visit

Our Preventative Maintenance programs are a cost effective way to keep your system up and running. 


Our programs are customized for your equipment and air demands. Additional benefits are:

  • Flat -Rate Labor price

  • Complete inspection & report of air system

  • Oil, Oil &Air filter, separator-replacement & disposal

  • Scheduled Annual or Bi-Annual Visits

  • Cancellation anytime


Air Compressor Preventive Maintenance, why is this important?


Is your compressed air system running properly and at full  capacity? 


What’s the point of having a CFM rating at 24.6 when its only operating at 18 or 19 CFM? 


How can you prevent costly down-time and improve performance which add to your bottom line while giving you peace of mind.


Preventive maintenance is not only a way to extend the life of your compressed air system but will keep it running at peak performance.

At the end of a season of running the compressors hard, its time to give it some attention.

Most wineries have periods of low or even no use. This always leads to premature failure. Compressors need to run at 180 degrees for 30 minutes to boil out condensation from the oil then, when they stop condensation forms again. While sitting this causes rust and corrosion. Low use compressors need more frequent oil changes then the more heavily used compressors.


What are some ways to maintain equipment and prevent troublesome down-times. 

  • Consider the environment your compressors are in. Humidity, dusty, or improperly vented?

  • Oil  – Belts, Oil and Air Filter, Seperator, Scavenge system and Coolers- When was the last time these were changed or looked at?




Wine Country Compressors can be your air compressors best friend  and apply  our 35 years of air compressor experience and knowledge to your benefit and save money.  

Benefits of our Service-

  • Competitive Flat Rate Service Calls

  • Experienced, factory trained technicians

  • Complete service and preventive maintenance scheduling

  • Extensive inventory of parts and equipment

  • Preventive Maintenance- Standard and Custom programs (these programs complete warranty standard requirements)


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