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Benefits of Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-free compressors have many advantages for users, such as:

  • Less maintenance: Oil-free compressed air has significantly fewer maintenance requirements than oil-injected compressed air. Oil-filled compressors need regular oil changes, which can be expensive. Users also have to safely dispose of expired oil, which costs even more. However, oil-free compressors don’t require manual oil changes. The most significant maintenance requirement is draining the tank after every use. This action is more cost-effective and less time-consuming than oil-injected practices.

  • Lower cost: Oil-free compressors have fewer financial requirements than oil-injected ones. They usually have lower upfront costs and last for a long time, making them worthwhile investments. Oil-free compressors have minimal components, so they require less money for maintenance and replacements. Some model types are equipped with regulators that minimize energy use, decreasing fuel expenses.

  • Environmental friendliness: Oil-free compressors also have a minimal environmental impact. Oil-injected units release pollutants into the atmosphere, which can harm employees and the environment. In contrast, oil-free models’ lack of oil minimizes environmental harm.

  • A diminished risk of contamination: Oil contamination can lower or compromise the quality of your products, which could harm your brand’s reputation — or even worse, your customers’ health. Oil-free compressors are often required in fields like food and medicine, where oil-free, clean air is essential.

  • Multiple uses: You can position oil-free compressors in various orientations based on your required task, which displays their versatility. Their low weight and small size make them easy to transport. You can also move them freely without worrying about oil leaks.

  • A faster start: Oil-free compressors start more quickly, which can assist with project efficiency. Oil-injected compressors require more amps to start, taking them longer to power on. Oil has a viscous nature that makes it harder to move when cold. In contrast, oil-free compressors start fast no matter the surrounding temperature.

No matter its application, an oil-free compressor has minimal effects on the environment and lowers your operational expenses.

Oil-Free Air Compressor Applications

 Oil-free air compressors can meet the needs of many industries and applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical: Cleanliness is critical for pharmaceutical and medical applications. To meet compliance standards, manufacturers might have to limit or eliminate oil use entirely. Every stage of medical manufacturing must follow strict guidelines, including the use of compressed air. By using oil-free compressors, you decrease the presence of possible contaminants in products.

  • Food: The Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) emphasizes how vital cleanliness is during food production. Oil-free compressors help food manufacturers avoid oil contaminants, letting them create a more sterile production environment.

  • Electronics: Oil-free compressors deliver pure and dry air for various electronic devices, such as printed circuit boards. These products contain intricate details that need preservation.

  • Textiles: Clean compressed air reduces production losses and fabric stains. The textile industry must meet certain compliance standards for safe production, such as air purity standards. Oil-free compressors allow for clean production.

  • Natural gas: The natural gas industry gathers, stores and transports natural gas. Heavy-duty applications like fume elimination, gas transfers and vapor recovery need compressed air. Oil-free compressors provide pure air without additional oil or contaminants.

  • Amusement parks: Roller coasters require clean compressed air, making oil-free compressors a perfect choice. Air systems can facilitate ride movement, help cars arrive at a stop, add to the immersive experience and complete many other tasks.

  • Aerospace: From launching rockets to controlling contamination, clean compressed air has many applications in the aerospace industry.

Oil-free Technical Data Sheet

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