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Before buying a compressor, it’s always smart to do some research. There are so many varieties of compressors that it can be overwhelming at first.   Here  are some common choices you may face when determining which compressor is best for your facility.  

[Excerpt courtesy Atlas Copco,Inc.]

  • Fixed speed or VSD?

  • Oil-injected or oil-free?

  • Dynamic or displacement?

  • Open or closed canopy?

Beat the Summer Heat

5 ways to save $$ 

1- Clean Air and Oil Filters

2- Check Ventilation

3- Check Drains 

4 -Clean Coolers 

5- Tweak Water Cooling Systems

Thank you to Atlas Copco,Inc. for this fantastic article and helpful hints.

Clean Oil-Free Air for this Winery

Uploaded on Sep 20, 2011 (video is approx 5 minutes)

The Michel family has been involved in french wine for over generations now. They produce Chablis, from the vine to the bottle. After growing and harvesting, the wine needs to be bottled. This process contains several applications, all needing compressed air or nitrogen. The compressed air is used for bottling the machines, putting on the capsules and labelling. During the bottling, nitrogen is used: first for removing oxygen from the empty bottles, and afterwards to chase the carbon gasses just before capping. The compressed air and nitrogen is provided by a VSD compressor with built-in dryer and a NG7. On top they have also 3 filters and some reservoirs. By replacing nitrogen in bottles by a NG while using a VSD, they save money, time and the energy. 'Courtesy Atlas Copco, Inc.'

6 Ways Onsite Nitrogen Benefits Brewer

ERIK ARFALK / JUL 27, 2017

Malt. Mash. Boil. Ferment. No matter your favorite beer, it usually goes through some iteration of those four steps.

People have consumed beer for thousands of years. Around 5,000 years ago, the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia drank beer as an alternative to the contaminated water they had access to. Now, people drink beer mostly for pleasure and taste. With time, the brewing technology has become more sophisticated. Today, brewers are continuing to improve their process and final product with the help of onsite nitrogen.

Clean Oil-Free Air for this Microbrewery

When selecting a compressed air system and nitrogen generator for their brewing processes, OMB turned to Atlas Copco. With two Atlas Copco SF 22 full-feature oil-free scroll compressors delivering pure, oil-free air to the entire brewery for equipment process control, for wort aeration for the yeast prior to fermentation and to power the onsite NGP nitrogen generator, OMB is guaranteed that their air is clean, their nitrogen is pure and their beer is always uncompromised. NOTE: Courtesy 'Atlas Copco,Inc.'

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